Tuesday, August 7, 2007

radio free los angeles

I just thought I would share with all you hoopy froods that Crack On Tour Radio will still be going on, though the days and times may vary with my work schedule. Since I've taken a new job that will often involve me being at work by 5am... yeah. If I have to get up at 4 I'm not running the show till midnight the night before.

But fear not the show, of course, will go on. I will try to give as much advance notice both here and on MySpace as I possibly can. I also reserve the right to pop on randomly for a few hours when I'm bored. Anyway, it will be weekly. No doubt. I have too many fans to stop.

Thanks for all of your support... the show hasn't been quite as much fun without Cory and Paul but I still have a blast doing it and enjoy your loyalty!

Cheers from the City of Angels.

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