Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Should Get My Ass In Gear, Man.

So, I log into Feedburner today and - lo and behold - this site is actually being read. Not only that, but people are subscribing to the feed. That just boggles my mind. It makes me feel like crawling into the corner and singing "Jesus Loves Me" quietly to myself while rocking back and forth to the sounds of Billy Ocean's "Caribbean Queen". To put it more succinctly: I am excited and a little weirded out.
Continue reading, though. It will give you something to do while listening to Crack On Tour Radio. Other than masturbating to the sweet sounds that pump out of your speakers, that is. Maybe you don't do that. Maybe it is just me. I am easily excited by Chris Hansen and The Bloodhound Gang.
Also, before I forget, I have added another writer into the Crack On Tour fold. His name is Steven Meek. He is the co-creator of Apathy Man and one hell of a poet. I think. Welcome him. Gooble gobble. One of us.

Wash yo butt,


P.S. I would like to get some more writers for this site. I want to make it a community. Free love and all of that shit. So, if you would like to write for this site, get in touch with me through my MySpace page. I check that more often than I do my email. The link is over on the right hand side. Now I am going to go smoke. Toodles.


andy said...

I, for one, welcome an influx of fresh blood into this site. I also need to actually start contributing again.

I'll get on that.

Paul said...

Can I be a writer on the site? Please??